TISTA COVID-19 Tracker 1.3 Released

As part of TISTA’s continuing commitment to its employees and community, the company has released version 1.3 of the TISTA COVID-19 Tracker.  The Tracker is an application that allows users to easily track and visualize pandemic data at the national, state, and local level.  It runs on any desktop or mobile device, either in the browser or through installation.

Version 1.3 brings several new features including the following:

  • A new map that shows how TISTA is distributing PPE and meals to those in need
  • The addition of active cases/100,000 residents and sorting to the My Counties view
  • Stability and performance improvements

TISTA aid map

The new TISTA aid map shows where TISTA is distributing masks and meals.  The map uses yellow circles to illustrate masks.  Solid ones have been distributed and hollow ones are committed (pending distribution). Blue squares illustrate meals.  In cases where TISTA distributes masks along with meals, the icons overlap.

TISTA COVID-19 aid map

TISTA COVID-19 aid map. This map shows where TISTA is helping in the community.

This map is still a work in progress, and we expect to make improvements in future releases.  While this map is specific to TISTA community efforts, other organizations who wish to adopt the Tracker could easily modify it for their own purposes.

Changes to the My Counties view

We have added active cases per 100,000 residents and sorting to the My Counties view to make it more useful, as well as to make it easier to see which counties are hardest hit by the pandemic.

COVID-19 data table

My Tracked Counties view. This view allows the user to track multiple counties of interest in one place.

The My Counties view is under active development, and we have new features planned for this view in the next release.

The team has also made several improvements to stability and performance behind the scenes.

This was a quick release to get the new aid map out so that our COVID-19 Task Force could better visualize emergency relief efforts in the community.  Stay tuned for version 1.4 and stay safe.

Mike Roberts


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