TISTA COVID-19 Tracker 1.4 Released

The new version of TISTA’s COVID-19 app brings trend analysis for tracked counties. 

Today, TISTA released 1.4 of its COVID-19 Tracker application.  The app works on any desktop or mobile device and makes it easy for users to track and visualize pandemic data at the national, state, and local level.

The new version brings several improvements, including two and seven-day trend data to the My Counties table, which is where users can track multiple counties of interest to them in one place.  Increasing counts are red and decreasing counts are green.

COVID-19 trend data

Trend analysis columns in the My Counties table

With the new columns, users can see how much the number of active cases has increased or decreased in the previous two days or previous week. This is useful for determining whether things are getting better or worse, and by how much.  To use the new feature, simply add counties to the My Counties table and then view the table at the national or county level.  It’s that simple.

These trend columns are part of a raft of new features the company has planned to help its associates and the greater community to stay safe during the pandemic.




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