A Human Centered Approach to Problem Solving: HCD The TISTA Way

TISTA’s multidisciplinary human centered design community keeps our stakeholders engaged

in the entire HCD process by bringing them into the team and co-creatively work together to

discover, understand, solve problems, and create user success.

Human Centered Design


The HCD process at TISTA focuses on keeping the client’s needs at the forefront, which allows us to work effectively together and create the best solutions.

To achieve this, we start the HCD process with meaningful research. We take a look at legacy systems, existing processes, existing platforms or technologies, then create assessments and analyses.

As a multidisciplinary group of technical leads, HCD designers, and stakeholders, we co-creatively define the pain points and challenges. By working together during the discovery process, we are able to agree on potential opportunities and direction, before investing time and effort into a possible solution.



Understanding a client’s needs does not end with the discovery process. Co-creative workshops continue as stakeholders are included in building personas, user interviews, concepting, prototyping, design language construction and other methods based on project need. A stakeholder is part of every step of the HCD process and can see the progress in real-time and will be able to see any challenges that may arise. This process increases the speed of delivering solutions and lets stakeholders contribute to the success of the project.

Human Centered Design Approach

Solve Problems

When we take the time to understand what people need, we’re more likely to build a solution that enables and empowers people to do their best work. HCD is a framework for building products and services that puts users – the humans who use the product or service – front and center.

Continuing the co-creative process, we will understand users’ needs, constraints, contexts, behaviors, and wants. We will work together to build deep empathy with users and generate multiple ideas to help solve their problems.

We will work together within an agile, iterative design process to arrive
at a solution via rapid design, prototyping, testing, learning and implementation. 


User Success

Engagement does not end upon release of the co-created solution. The TISTA way of HCD makes sure that the solution has an impact on users and creates the desired outcomes for your business. This continued focus on the iterative design and testing, while continuing to be co-creative, ensures the users of your system, adopt and incorporate the solution into their workflows. Through net promoter scores (NPS), customer satisfaction scores (CSAT), and customer effort score (CES), we can effectively measure the success of the solution and nimbly adjust for continued user adoption. 

User Success

TISTA Design Community

TISTA’s Design Community is a resource for all stakeholders. Along with a stakeholder’s dedicated design team, the TISTA Design Community will assist in critical project benchmarks. From ideation and sketch meetings to generating meaningful insights with lessons learned and best practices, the TISTA Design Community will bring more value and ideas beyond your core team. The TISTA Design Community has subject matter experts that can step in and assist your core team to deliver more cohesive and successful projects.

TISTA Design Community

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