Our response to the pandemic

TISTA’s COVID-19 mission is to fill the gap in existing community COVID-19 support efforts by providing personal protection equipment, meals for the homeless, and other essential services.

COVID-19 Response

The COVID-19 pandemic has placed unprecedented demands on the health care system; initially, this caused shortages in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as mask and gloves. TISTA responded by sourcing PPEs for those who need them the most. At no cost, we have sourced and distributed over 34,750 PPE’s to first responders such firefighters and police officers and healthcare professionals at hospitals and nursing homes in conducting their respective activities safely.

We have also distributed PPEs to the homeless, veterans housed at shelters, underserved families/children, and inner-city school staff.


Meals Served


PPE Distributed


TISTA Cares is more effective as we identify who is in the most need and where they are located. We developed a COVID-19 tracker to track cases around the U.S.

This tracker has helped us to raise awareness of the intensity of the pandemic within the United States.


The application was created to be simple in its use and contain several features for understanding the magnitude of the pandemic at the national and local levels.


The app allowed us to see how each state, city, and county was affected.  Later on, the team added new key features which include pandemic stats, heat maps, and a zip code lookup.

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With the ability to track cases this extensively we could identify and spot trends, allowing us to focus on providing relief to those hardest hit across the country as well as within our communities.


This TISTA aid map shows where TISTA is distributing masks and meals. The map uses yellow circles to illustrate masks.  Solid ones have been distributed and hollow ones are committed (pending distribution). Blue squares illustrate meals. In cases where TISTA distributes masks along with meals, the icons overlap.

As we expand our efforts across the country, please let us know if your organization needs assistance, or wants to be part of the solution.

Meals for Those in Need

We’re Teaming with Local Community Partners and Restaurants to Serve Meals to Those in Need.

Restaurant closures due to the pandemic account for a significant portion of US job losses, placing considerable strain on food banks and the homeless community. TISTA is honored to partner with nonprofits, religious institutions and shelters to deliver free meals to veterans, first responders, healthcare professionals, and the homeless in communities nationwide. Our community partners source meals from local restaurants to assist with keeping workers employed, while volunteers coordinate the no-contact delivery of meals to those who on at the front lines. Homeless populations are at increased risk for infection in the pandemic, so our volunteers are also providing them PPE at no cost along with these meals.

We are out in the community right now. Please ask us for help.

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