Human Trafficking is a global public health issue. Housing is vital to supporting survivors in their recovery and journey moving forward. Rents are high in many metropolitan areas where victims are recovering. We collaborate with our community partners in supporting survivors with rental assistance so they can focus on their recovery, pursuing education and building careers.


Housing is critical for human trafficking survivors who are in transition to rebuild their lives. We work with University of Maryland SAFE Center’s “Housing + Education” program, to provide rental assistance for survivors to provide rental assistance for survivors and veterans that enables safe housing, employment, and educational pursuits.

TISTA is thrilled to partner with the UMD SAFE Center in providing the Center’s survivors with VISA gift cards for groceries and family essentials. TISTA and the SAFE Center for Human Trafficking Survivors began working together in December of 2019, when TISTA employees at the company’s headquarters in Montgomery County, MD, met a critical need for survivors by providing care bags, containing comfortable clothing and overnight toiletries.


TISTA promotes digital inclusion by donating corporate computing devices to those in need. Personal technology, such as laptops, is essential for many communities to access direct services, search for employment, and continue education. Recipients include survivors of human trafficking, veterans, and students.


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