Building Future Leaders

Driving the future forward

When you join TISTA, you grow, contribute and collaborate. From mentoring programs to educational assistance, TISTA believes together we can remove barriers and create a vibrant path forward and opportunity to prosper.

Student career opportunities

If you will be graduating soon with an undergraduate or advanced degree, TISTA offers programs that help you broaden your experience in a supportive environment. We developed these programs to enhance your capabilities, expand your skill-set and help pave the way to your career goals.

Over the past few years, TISTA has provided supportive resources, professional learning, and ongoing guidance to help develop real-world skills that spark innovation.

Join other high-performing students and see how what you learned in the classroom applies in the real world.


Educational resources

TISTA RISE Scholarship

Curated and launched by TISTA’s Equity, Equality, and Inclusion (EEI) Team, the TISTA RISE scholarship encourages qualified, outstanding undergraduate students to pursue an education in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) fields, at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). Each applicant must be an academically successful leader of service who is committed to the betterment of their community.

Bowie State University

TISTA premiered the TISTA Science & Technology “Rewarding Integrity, Service, and Education” (RISE) Scholarship in the fall of 2021 for Bowie State University students. Two female/minority recipients received scholarship support this year and we are looking forward to supporting future recipients. 

University graduate programs and events

The University of Maryland, Global Campus

TISTA is forever grateful for our veterans, military, and their families and the sacrifices they make. That is why we have sponsored the Pillars of Strength scholarship in partnership with the University of Maryland, Global Campus for three years.

  • 3 caregivers received a bachelors degree to build their careers and earnings potential in support of 3 wounded warriors
  • 4 students completed their master’s degree in which TISTA benefited from two student projects in growth research
  • Exploring special projects with entrepreneur program faculty

The Pillars of Strength program provides a 4-year college degree for a caregiver of a wounded warrior. Supporting the education of caregivers can lead to financial stability and overall success for our wounded warriors and their loved ones.

Veteran Studying


Mentoring veterans and budding entrepreneurs

The University of Texas at Austin

TISTA, in partnership with the Office of Student Veterans Affairs at UT Austin, supports the students who have served in our nation’s military. For the third year in a row, we are sponsoring multiple scholarships for veteran and military students in both undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

  • 2 veteran/military students received scholarships from TISTA
  • 2 women supported by CTO leadership for computer science hack-a-thons
  • 2 diversity tech events supported by CTO leadership

TISTA is also supporting UT Austin’s ‘Women in Computer Science (WiCS)’ program, and other diversity and inclusion programs. We collaborate with the university by participating in hack-a-thons, tech-shares, and other events.

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