I’m pleased to announce that version 1.2 of TISTA’s COVID-19 app has been released.

This version incorporates several new features, including the following:

  • My Tracked Counties
  • National data on local views
  • County selection when zip code is associated with multiple counties

Version 1.2 also contains other changes, such as display of the tistacares.com link and a number of technical improvements.

Of these new features, the My Tracked Counties feature is the most important.

The My Tracked Counties feature allows the user to see multiple counties of interest in a single view. This is valuable if you have friends, relatives, co-workers, or employees who live in different counties.  This is also use for TISTA leadership’s ability to direct support to associates, and it serves as a UI/UX basis for new features we’re planning.

To use this feature, simply search on any zip code and scroll to the My Tracked Counties table.  Use the “+” icon above the table to add the current county to the table.  It’s that simple.If you want to stop tracking a county, use the trash can icon to delete it.

Also new in this release is the display of national data on local data views.  This feature allows you to compare national stats to local stats without having to navigate back to the national level.

Finally, in 1.2, we added the ability for the user to select the correct county when a zip code maps to multiple counties.

Thank you for your time, and from all of us in TISTA’s leadership: Stay safe.

Michael Roberts

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